Our GYROTONIC® Services

We recommend 90-minute sessions to allow time for mindful movement exploration and discovery.

We also understand that 60 minutes might be the most doable for your busy schedule.

Choose what works best for you!  We will work with you to make the most of your time with us.

Getting Started

Want to see if the Gyrotonic method is right for you?

Try an Introductory Consultation Session!


Experience a private training session where you can discuss your movement goals with your trainer and formulate a plan to incorporate Gyrotonic exercise into your fitness and health activities!

Special $65

(60-minute session)

Private Sessions

Receive undivided attention from your instructor as you  journey to your full movement potential.

Private sessions are a great options for working through pain or injury or with specific movement goals in mind.  You will love the caring guidance from our highly trained instructors.

Available in 60-minute and 90-minute formats.

Duet Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of  personal instruction while spending time with a friend or companion.

 Duet sessions offer the opportunity to explore Gyrotonic exercises in a semi-private setting, while still having access to individual hands-on guidance and personalized instruction.

Available in 60-minute and 90-minute formats.




Join a class for the joy of sharing movement with a group of people!


All-Levels Class

Men's Group Class

Gentle Gyrotonic Class

Inter/Adv Class &

Gyrotonic for Dancers

(90-minute classes; prior experience required))

Beginning Gyrotonic Class for those just starting out (60-minute class, 1 private session with instructor recommended but not required)

About the Gyrotonic Method

A full-bodied holistic movement system aided by specialized equipment designed to support you as you:

  • release tension and tightness

  • increase mobility and strength

  • align joints

  • lengthen muscle and connective tissue

  • stimulate your nervous system

  • enhance coordination

  • foster ease of movement

Seattle Changing Room

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