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Owner's Manual Workshop Series with Vicki Robinson,
Feldenkrais® and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®
A Two-part series on the Feet.


2 Saturdays: May 4th and June 8th 2024


This two-part Feldenkrais movement series focuses on how we utilize our feet for greater balance and stability.


Our feet propel us onto many surfaces. With 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than a 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, it’s no coincidence that feet are often problematic in our culture.  Our distant ancestors didn’t walk on concrete or swaddle their feet in such thick padding. We need to be able to walk on uneven surfaces, elevation changes, and unstable surfaces and still adapt to these environments.

Each session focuses on a movement theme and includes at least two movement lessons. These lessons will include lessons that are done lying on mats on the ground, as well as possibly seated and standing. Please contact Vicki if you have concerns about these positions.

Sign up for one or both!
Part A   May 4th -   $50 | $45 early bird by April 15, 2024

Part B   June 8th -  $50 | $45 early bird by May 20, 2024

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