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Elaine Shen

Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Trainer, Managing Owner

Elaine believes that freedom in movement is essential for a healthy, balanced life.  A neuroscientist by training, Elaine is fascinated with the interrelationship of the mind and the body. While working in the biotech industry, Elaine discovered the Gyrotonic method and its ability to reduce stress and tension, relieve pain from postural imbalances and develop deep inner strength to support her through life. As her physical body changed, her mental and emotional health improved. The results were so transformative that Elaine became a Gyrotonic instructor so that she could share her profound experiences with others like her. Elaine’s desire is to help people discover and renew personal vitality and resilience through personalized training sessions designed to foster balance, ease and strength in movement. 

Specialized Equipment Certifications

  • 2018 Gyrotonic Jumping Stretching Board

  • 2017 Gyrotonic Leg Extension Unit

  • 2017 Gyrotonic ARCHWAY™

Elaine Shen
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